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Tired of Losing Business From Valuable Customers?
In today's competitive business environment, establishing an engaging and polished presence is crucial. Whether you're a small family-owned business, a large corporation, or an e-commerce giant, you've likely invested considerable time and resources in creating an attractive website or storefront. But have you given the same attention to your phone greeting? As the first point of contact with clients, your business phone greeting is like the welcome mat for potential customers, setting the tone for their experience with your brand. That's where I, David, come in. I'll help you craft the perfect phone greeting that reflects your brand's personality, whether it's calm and soothing, energetic and fresh, or anything in between. Just like your color scheme and logo, your vocal tone plays a crucial role in defining your brand identity.
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Discover how David's engaging and informative telephony voice-overs can keep your customers on the line and coming back for more.

Experience the Compelling Benefits of Professional Telephony Voice-Over Services
  • A warm, engaging, and professional voice for your telephony system
  • Improved caller experience and satisfaction
  • A polished, consistent brand image across all touchpoints
  • Customized voice-over services tailored to your company's needs
  • Industry leading quality with quick turnaround

Discover the Versatile Potential of David's Telephony Voice-Over Solutions For:
  1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system recordings
  2. On-hold messaging and music
  3. Voicemail greetings and prompts
  4. After-hours and holiday messages
  5. Voice-overs for telephony advertisements
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On-Hold Messaging & Out-of-Office Voice Greetings That Engage and Inform:
Being placed on hold can be frustrating for callers, but with my voice-over expertise, I can transform this experience into a pleasant and informative one. As a professional voice actor, I can create engaging on-hold messaging that goes beyond providing basic contact information and office hours. Share your latest product promotions, financing options, or community involvement with your customers while they wait. Think of on-hold messaging as an audio newsletter that keeps your customers engaged, informed, and feeling valued. As a male voice-over artist, I've been the brand voice for numerous companies, providing phone greetings, on-hold messages, and various other phone-related services.
Telephony Voice Over for Effective Marketing Messages and Campaigns:

Outbound phone marketing messages and campaigns offer an excellent opportunity to connect with customers, constituents, or members of your organization. When executed professionally, they can save time and yield impressive results. To keep your target audience engaged and receptive to your message, you need a voice-over artist who sounds genuine and authentic. That's where I come in. As David, I've recorded countless robo-call messages, voicemail trees, membership reminders, and invitations with successful outcomes. Whether you need an energetic, genuine voice for a marketing phone blast, a smooth, articulate voice conveying your candidate's stance on a pressing issue, or a relatable parent or coach promoting sign-up season, I'm the voice you're looking for. Explore my demo of phone voice-over samples or request a complimentary custom audition to hear how I can bring your answering service to life.

Ready to elevate your company's telephony experience? Send me a quick message and let's discuss how my voice-over services can make a difference.


How do you customize your voice-over services to match my company's brand?

I begin by discussing your company's brand identity, values, and target audience to gain a deep understanding of your unique needs. I then tailor my voice-over style, tone, and delivery to align with your brand, ensuring a seamless and consistent experience for your callers.

What is the typical turnaround time for telephony voice-over projects?

Turnaround times can vary depending on the project's scope and complexity. However, I typically deliver telephony voice-over projects in under 48 hours. If you have a more urgent deadline, please let me know, and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

How do you ensure high-quality audio for telephony recordings?

I record all telephony voice-overs in a professional, acoustically treated studio using high-quality microphones and audio equipment. I also perform post-production editing to remove any background noise, clicks, or breaths, ensuring a clean and polished audio recording for your telephony system.

Do you offer revisions if the initial recording doesn't meet my expectations?

Yes, I am committed to ensuring your satisfaction with the final product. If the initial recording doesn't meet your expectations, please provide me with detailed feedback, and I will make the necessary revisions. My goal is to deliver a telephony voice-over that perfectly aligns with your company's brand and needs.

By offering a range of tailored telephony voice-over services, I aim to create a positive and lasting impression for your callers. From IVR systems to on-hold messaging, my warm and engaging voice will ensure a polished and consistent brand image across all touchpoints. With dedication and attention to detail, I am committed to providing high-quality voice-overs that enhance your company's telephony experience. Get in touch today to schedule a free consultation and discover how my voice-over services can transform your telephony system.

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