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You have a split second to grab your audience's attention. Let's turn heads and ensure you're heard.

Are you ready to make meaningful connections with your audience?

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Imagine your campaign leaving a lasting impact. Making an impression on your audience that keeps them talking and inspires action.
If I could provide you with a commercial that resonates with your audience and gets them to take action while:
 - Eliminating your budget concerns
 - Helping you stand out in a saturated market
 - And staying on top of evolving trends

would you take me up on that offer?

With two decades of experience, I know how to capture attention in the split second that makes the difference between your commercial being heard or ignored. Whether you’re looking to promote your brand via Radio, social media, or TV ad, I guarantee that your campaign will resonate while driving brand engagement and recognition.

My dynamic range and ability to bring a unique voice to each brand I collaborate with is why my list of satisfied clients continues to grow. From Mastercard to the Marriot, Gilette to Jagermeister, quality brands know that “David Piper is a voice that connects” and one they can count on again and again.

Benefits of Working with David for your Commercial Voiceover

Timely Solutions

You need your project fast. Like Yesterday. We all have timelines we have to stick to, and it can be frustrating when a project falls behind. Your boss is yelling and clients are getting upset. Before you're dragged into another meeting that could have been an email, partner with someone who’s job it is to make your job easier.

That’s why you need someone you can trust to deliver on time, every time. When you choose David to voice your project, you can guarantee that your work is done efficiently. You have enough things to worry about, let’s make it one less.


Some tools are amazing at the job they do. A hammer is a masterclass in precision design. It can drive in a nail more effectively than anything else. The problem is: what if the nail you thought you had suddenly becomes a screw.

Casting sites are great at showcasing a wide range of talent who are very good at what they do. And when you find someone that fits your goal, it can seem like you're setting yourself up for success. But projects always grow and change. Suddenly, the solution you had doesn't work anymore. It costs you time, money, and stress to go find another one.

David is known for his wide range and the ability to adapt on the fly to any changes in your project. Stop picking one-and-done solutions. Your work deserves someone with an effective range, without the extra pain. Skip the one-hit wonders.

Quality Assurance

First impressions matter. Your customers can tell within 3 seconds if your brand's message is authentic and honest, or if it's just a carbon copy knock off. Audio quality is the unsung hero here, so why settle for less?

With David's top-notch, broadcast-quality studio, you can be confident in the excellence of your audio content every single time. Stand out for all the right reasons and let your brand's voice shine through with clarity and professionalism.

Availability & Flexibility

How often have you wished that you had more hours in the day for all the things that need your attention? Often, we feel stretched and pulled in too many directions, juggling plates and hoping they don't crash. Wouldn't it be great if you could work with someone who understands how busy you are and doesn’t need you to hold their hand through the entire process?

It's time to get back some of your time again. It's David's job to make your job easier so you have more time to do the things that matter to you! With his commitment to deadlines, your project will always stay on track, so you never again have to worry that your project will be ready on time.

If your project needs a quick turn-around and rush, David offers same day delivery options. You can finally stop watching the clock, and start enjoying life.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

You've heard it before - quality often comes at a price. But why should your budget force you to compromise on quality? Every penny counts in this world, and sometimes, settling for less can feel like the only option. But it doesn't have to be!

David Piper has been working with clients with great and small budgets for years, from early-phase start-ups and mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies. He understands that value isn't about the lowest price but the highest quality for your investment.

With David, you’re partnering with a voice over artist who brings his premium talent to your project via the most effective solution for your budget. David will craft a solution that works for you, as the only thing that matters is your project’s success.

Clear Communication

Communication isn't just about talking and sending messages back and forth. It's about being open and connecting. In a world where we are constantly bombarded by notifications, pings, and bells, clear and concise communication stands out like a neon sign.

With David Piper, it's not just about getting the job done and over with. It's about ensuring it gets done right. He ensures you aren't just heard, but understood. He asks any questions necessary to make every word count and will do the research needed to bring your words to life. He will provide updates and process steps for every stage to make sure your job is as easy as possible. It's not just communication. It's a voice that connects.

Consistent Voice & Tone

David Piper will work hard to bring your brand’s unique voice into his deliveries to match the styles already proven to work for you. Your customers know your brand and David knows how to add a fresh take to your brand voice to attract new customers while maintaining what is already succeeding with your current audience. Keeping what you like and making it even better!

Experience = Expert Guidance

Let's be real... Hiring a voice actor can be confusing. Sometimes, you need more than just a nice voice. You need someone with the experience and confidence that they can help take your project from the start all the way across the goal line.

That's where David steps in. Think of him as your voice over GPS. With years of experience in the industry and working one on one with clients, agencies, production houses, and companies all over the world, he's seen it all. And he knows what works.

Don't ever feel like you're left in the dark again. With David, you're not just getting a voice recording. You're getting an expert who will make your project his priority. It's not about delivering lines; it's about delivering the results you deserve.


Here's the thing - a voice can make or break your project. But what you really need isn’t just any voice. You've tried that in the past, and it hasn't worked. Your audience has felt lectured, talked down to, or worse: misunderstood. You need a voice that speaks directly to them and connects, like an old friend catching up for coffee.

David Piper is just like the guy next door, the coach, the friend. David brings a unique and relatable touch, turning your script from just words on a page into a conversation. Before you know it, your audience will nod in agreement and think, "Yeah, I get that."

With David, it’s not just talk. It’s real talk. Genuine, heartfelt, and above all, relatable. He’s the voice that understands your audience because he takes the time to understand you and your project. With David, your message isn’t just heard; it’s felt.


Benefits of an American Male Like David For Your Commercial

Let's cut to the chase: the voice in your commercial is make or break. It's not just about words; it's about the voice that's delivering them. It's the difference between just speaking and truly connecting. That's where the power of an American male voiceover comes in.

People resonate with what’s familiar - it’s human nature. That means an American Male voice over not only feels right at home, but it also opens the door to a deeper connection. David not only has a perfect Neutral American accent fit for any project around the world, he can vary his read to connect with your copy in any style of your choosing.

But why a male voice? There's something about the depth, the strength, and, yes, even the warmth that grabs attention and keeps it. Looking for authority? You got it. Need friendly? As you wish. How about something as comforting as a cozy, well-worn armchair? Check. David doesn't just talk at your audience; he speaks to them, creating a memorable, lasting impact from the get-go.

In a world where you've got a split second to make your mark, David Piper stands out. He's not just delivering lines; he’s building trust, comfort, and connection. Choose David, and give your commercial that undeniable edge. Let’s make your brand not just seen, but remembered.


FAQ Section

How do I hire a voice actor for my commercial or advertisement?

There are many points during your project where you may want to hire a voice actor. It could be before a script is even written, or it could be the very last step in production. The important thing is to review a wide range of possible actors to pick the one who will be most effective for your campaign. Listen to their samples and reach out for a consultation. The actor should be able to guide you to the next steps.

What is your typical turnaround time for a commercial voice over project?

Turnaround times may vary depending on the project's scope and complexity. However, I typically ensure all deliveries are under 24-hours if possible. My goal is to streamline the process so your project can be as successful as possible as quickly as possible.

What format audio files do you send?

I record all voice-overs in a professional, acoustically treated studio using high-quality microphones and audio equipment. Files are delivered in WAV format 24 bit, 48000Hz for the highest possible quality. All files will be processed without asking to ensure they are broadcast ready, but RAW files can be included on request.

Do you offer revisions for your commercial voice over work?

Yes, I am committed to ensuring your satisfaction with the final product. If the initial recording doesn't meet your expectations, please provide me with detailed feedback, and I will make the necessary revisions. My goal is to deliver a commercial voice-over that perfectly aligns with your network's brand and needs. Two rounds of revisions are included with all orders for free.

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