About David PIper

American Male Voice Over
Empowering brands by finding their unique voice, creating memorable stories and long lasting impressions.

Smooth, genuine, and unforgettable, David Piper has a voice that is not just memorable; it’s magnetic. With a vocal range that mirrors his warm, intellectual personality, David’s voice effortlessly captures your attention while creating a genuine connection.

David's journey into the world of voiceover was surprisingly born from his decade of experience as an operating partner in the service industry. Armed with a foundation in theater and public speaking, he took center stage, using his unique gift for forging connections and captivating his audiences to train an entire company. 

It was here that David's dormant passion for performance and acting resurfaced. He decided to indulge his love for storytelling by recording audiobooks in his spare time, a hobby fueled by the joy of performing. Little did he know that this passion project would soon eclipse his thriving career in the restaurant business. 

The demand for his storytelling prowess soared, and David found himself on a new trajectory—one that led him straight into the heart of the voiceover industry. With unwavering determination, he took the plunge into this captivating world and hasn't looked back since.

With his innate ability to capture the complexities of each project, David tailors his voice to resonate with your intended audience, regardless of the project: commercial, advertisement, e-learning module, promo, trailers, corporate narration, radio imaging, engaging podcasts, informative explainer videos, IVR systems, immersive audiobooks, or something else, you can rest assured that your message won't just be heard—it will be profoundly felt. His portfolio boasts a diverse range of collaborations with renowned names such as UFC, Grammarly, Peugeot, DC Comics, Jägermeister, KFC, Shell, and more.

Over the years, David has developed a profound sense of artistic and emotional intelligence, thanks to his college studies in psychology and etymology, which allowed him to navigate scientific jargon and imaginative concepts effortlessly. Under the guidance of esteemed VO mentors and coaches, David continuously refined his skills, ensuring unwavering commitment to every project.

When he’s not recording, you'll often find David unwinding at the beach near his home in the south of Spain. He can often be found sipping his favorite cocktail (an Old-Fashioned), exploring new restaurant hot spots with his wife, exploring with his three kids, or cheering on his home team, the Dallas Cowboys.

When you choose David, you're in for a blend of professionalism and innovation. Drawing from his extensive industry experience, David immerses himself in his clients' visions, relishing in the collaborative creative process. He then adds his distinctive touch, diving deep into the specific connection the clients are after to transition seamlessly from comforting to commanding, alluring to authoritative.

When you’re ready to captivate your audience with a voice that forges authentic connections, connect with David Piper. Immerse your audience in his unique blend of brilliance, charisma, and charm.

Contact David today and experience a project that truly resonates.

Voicing some of the most recognizable brands in the world

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